Vr Zoom Focus

could some kind soul please explain VR ZOOM FOCUS and how to implement it ? I
can find nothing in the SDK

mmm nobody knows ?

Hello @ModelMuncher I’m not sure to understand
what you’re trying to do here. Can you elaborate? You want to control focus
mode and zoom level in VR, that’s it? Regards, Sylvain

To Be Honest I have no idea :slight_smile: We have customers using VR who are demanding VR
Zoom Focus in our products so ANY Help would be fantastic (even if that help
is discovering what the heck they want LOL)

You need to add a PANEL_COLLISION mesh with the material set to collision
which will be the target for VR zoom. That collision mesh serves two purposes,
one is to be the plane for the mouse cursor and the other to be the zoom. Hope
this helps.

I did all this to the letter of the SDK but my VR tester said it made no
difference I wondered if he was referring to something else I will try again
however, thank you

Hi @ModelMuncher Can you send us your project
please ? We will take a look at it. See [3) Provide private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

very large ? PackageSources = 1.89 GB would Just the interior MDL help you

I need the full package to be able to build it and check in game in VR what is
going on

I don’t know how you built your package, but if you were using the older
Blender exporter, it may not create the collision material the correct way.
It’s explained here: <https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/vr-panel-

I use 3dsMax 2018 but I will read the thread for any relevance to both Thank

hmmm this fake vr doesn’t seem to work when I select it nothing changes

@FlyingRaccoon Bumping this one up as I am
getting a little tired of Kids whining to me that the product is not Useable
in VR … I have created “collision mesh” as instructed in the SDK I have
applied the correct “Collision material” correctly named as Instructed in the
SDK I have compiled the model without error and STILL the alleged Panel Zoom
is not working … I am beginning to think it is a myth ! PLEASE Can someone on
the DEV TEAM Tell me How to implement VR Zoom or point out to me where it is
in the SDK ??

@ModelMuncher , You just need a node that is
called PANEL_COLLISION and reference a mesh (a plane for example). Then it
should be exported with your inner gltf lod0. You can take a look at the
3dsmax sample of DA62 to see how it is done. If it’s the case and it doesn’t
work, we will need your package to see why the VR Focus is not working
Regards, Boris

As previously explained … ALL DONE Many times :frowning:

Then, we will need your package to see why the VR Focus is not working See[ 3)
Provide private

Just FYI - to ensure total compatibility I have done the following 1 Imported
the Collision Mesh from DA62 to My Project 2 Imported the Material from DA62
to My Material Library 3 Ensure there are no anomalies with the Mesh and
ensure Naming is the same 4 Imported DA62 Material “Collision” to My Project
and applied it to my Mesh Compiled - Tested in Dev Mode FAKE VR and there is
No ZOOM although it is assigned to right mouse button and the cursor is in 2
slightly different places … I have sent out the latest model for proper
testing in VR As I do not have this facility but I feel sure it is still a

Open the da62 interior max file and export/build it. Does the collision panel
work? I created a sample with a simple collision panel and it works great for
me in VR, so there’s not much we can do at this point based on your comment.
Regards, Boris

@Boris HMMM Interesting … After compiling the DA62 (which had working
collision panel) The BN2 Islander now appears to have a working VR Collision
also … The only difference being the actual ZOOM feature doesnt work But I
would assume this is due to the cameras config ?

No, the camera PilotVr has nothing to do with this. If you collision is set
then the focus should work. Retry with a real VR setup and not the FakeVR to
see if something is different