WASM does not run at all for some customers that bought our products from MarketPlace

Since we released our products on Market Place there are some customer facing
the below issue. We have no reports of such behavior on customers that have
bought them from our store. This seems to affect both Steam and MS Store
users. Also note that does not affect all of them only a few of them. The
issue is that the plane loads dead on their systems. No buttons working, no
screens, no interaction with the cockpit is possible. Checking the available
logs we have, we see that there are no files created at all under the packages
folder. IE, when the plane correctly runs there are dll’s created like shown
below also there are other files created under the work directory. Example
location of below screenshot is
aircraft-737 In case of these
customers this does not happen at all ie no files are present there. We have
tried various solutions with different outcomes. Empty community folder and
have no other addons from Marketplace installed did not help. Customer
reinstalling MSFS again and installing only our product yield success to few
cases. But on most of the cases nothing suggested to customers helped. Is
there anything we can ask the customers to provide from logs to identify the
cause of this?

Hi This is normal that there is no file generated:

  • If a wasm file comes from a community package, we must generate the corresponding dll file so the package will work (at runtime). This is the scenario you show us in your screenshot
  • If a wasm file comes from a marketplace package, the dll has already been compiled so the user doesn’t have to do it at runtime. In this case, no files will be generated.

Here are some informations you can collect:

  • Is this a PC issue only? XBox?
  • For PC users who have this issue:
    • Check the module status on the Wasm Debug Window. If it’s dirty that means that an exception occurred while executing your code. In this case, we stop the wasm execution and an message has been posted in the console.
    • Check the console to see if there are some wasm log.

Best Regards Maxime / Asobo

PC issue for now, these particular addons are not yet released for XBOX. Will
ask the customers for the debug logs.

@Arzop Any ideas about the error message?

@Arzop any update on this? We have multiple customers
now reporting the issue for the market place product. Again it works with no
issues for the non market place version

Hi @cmakris, We haven’t managed to reproduce the
issue internally yet. By any chance, do you know which kind of CPU users
having this problem are using? Best regards, Eric / Asobo

@EPellissier no I ll ask them their config and
will advise

@EPellissier Eric they seem to use older CPU;s
not sure if this causes issues Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz 3.07 GHz
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5670 @2.93 GHz

Hi @cmakris, This is probably the root cause of
the issue indeed - these CPUs are outside of the minimum specs for the sim,
and WASM modules found on the Marketplace are precompiled assuming the target
CPU matches these minimum specs. Chances are the precompiled WASM DLL uses
some CPU instructions that are not present in your customer’s CPU, which
causes the loading to fail. Of course the tricky part is that they won’t
encounter this problem if buying the plane from your store because the WASM
compilation that is performed in-game targets the host CPU, hence not using
unavailable instructions. We’ll have to discuss internally if & how this can
be handled. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thank you.