WASM standalone module

Dear Asobo, I have successfully used WASM via the route of gauge callbacks,
which works great, i am attached to the frame updates, etc. and the code gets
called on each pre-render callback, etc. However I am now involved with a
project that requires a standalone module, and as I understand from the
documentation, the module will be loaded automatically and call the
module_init function, which on test last night worked fine. However my
question is, how do I register / link now to the pre-render callback when you
work on standalone module? this is not clear in the documentation, the
standalone module example provided with the SDK is only using SimConnect with
a dispatcher and nothing else. So what is the best standard practice for
standalone modules? is it just using SimConnect with the callback dispatcher
with a request to update data each simulation frame? or are we supposed to do
something more advance and more efficient like for the “gauge” callback
approach? Thanks in advance for any help and information that can be provided
regarding this. Kind Regards, Raul

Hello @Simbol As stated here: WebAssembly

, only gauge module in a SimObject can have gauge callbacks. So yes,
Standalone module can only have the module init/deinit and simconnect
callback. What do you have in mind and what are you trying to do? Regards,

Hi Sylvain, Many thanks for the fast answer, I cannot reveal at this time more
information due to NDAs in place at the moment with other 3rd parties. However
your answer is extremely helpful and confirms what I suspected, I was just
exploring if there were other ways or well know practices that we should be
following for stand alone modules. I can work with the SimConnect callback
dispatcher for this project, so all good. Thanks again for the clarification.
All the best, Raul