Water - Grass Falloff Distance

Would it be possible to add something such as a grass falloff distance slider
for water polygons? Water polygons currently exclude a decent area of grass
surrounding them. In most situations, this isn’t a big deal, however I have
had a handful of times where I wished I could add grass back that was being
excluded alongside a water poly. Perfect example, I have recently been working
on an airport that has several drainage ditches along the runway.
Unfortunately, because I also want to have water in these ditches, that means
that a good amount of grass is excluded on or around the grass runways. Having
the ability to bring the grass line right up to or near the water’s edge would
be great in this case. The same goes for airports on islands. The mid-position
of the slider could be the current setting, allowing the developer greater
control over if they would want the grass closer to the water, or maybe even
further away from.