Water Ponds near my Heli Base cause 2 issues

Hi, After SU11, I added to my Helicopter scenery, some Helipads as starting
positions and removed the Rwys starting positions. When I install the scenery,
zoom in in the Map view to start from the airport it caused a CTD. Another
scenery designer took a look at my project and noticed that the Water Ponds I
added over the Bing aerial ponds footprints are causing the CTD and/or
sometimes, it does not CTD but: A warning displays mentioning that we can’t
take off from a Water Runway with the selected Aircraft Now I brought back the
water ponds and brought back the runways start positions as I had prior to
SU11 (before Helipads could be set as starting positions), no more CTD when I
zoom in the Map at the airport but I still get the Warning that we can’t start
from a water runway…(see screenshot below) This issue started with SU11. I
believe all is related to Water surfaces that we add near an airport, it makes
MSFS believe it is a water runway? Is this issue known and addressed in SU12?

Hello @Claviateur , You can send me the xml of your scenery in a private
comment and I will check it. [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Hi @Claviateur , No issues so far using your XML in SU12

Regards, Boris

Thank you for the follow up. I have SU11 here so I will wait for SU12 to
compile and release an update for my scenery. Best regards