Way too many irrelevant messages in the Dev Mode console window

The console window is full of messages, even errors, from the bundled
aircraft, even before you load your own project. Like those about the C172 in
the attached screenshot. (Sure, you can empty the console, but for some reason
the simulator re-reads information for other aircraft when you select the one
you have just built.) Could there be some way to make sure that the console
window contains only messages related to the project you have open? Or
could the bundled aircraft even be fixed to not generate errors or warnings in
the console window…? Also, I wish it was possible to copy the text from the
console window to the clipboard… seems like a fairly obvious missing

there is copy icon to the left of the search field (be careful to copy too
long log, game may crash). amount of errors/warnings after last updates became
a problem, default aircraft could be examples for developers and do not drop
any warnings.

Ah! Now that you say it… I probably had used that “copy” button some months
ago even but now forgotten about it.

Hello, We agree that the console could use some improvements… And we’ve made
some changes that will be available in the next update : - Hiding irrelevant
messages - Giving more details on the file concerned by the error/warning -
Allowing multiple messages selection - Allowing copy/paste - Saving the
output in a file. Hope it will make the console more efficient & helpful!

BTW, in case it isn’t obvious, one message that needs more detail is the
“mesh[204] primitive[0] has invalid or missing AsoboPrimitiveExtra data” one.
At least log the names of the mesh and primitive in question.

Totally agree …

Most error messages in the Log are little more than useless, as they do
not tell you where that error was found. ie “XML Error” At least include that
XML file had the error, ( and ideally the line number) ie There needs to be
a VERBOSE option.
I fire up MSFS, (which as we all know, still has some
major stability issues), and get confronted by literally 1000’s of ERRORS in
the log, but with no way to see any significant details that would allow me,
or other developers, to track down their own product errors. let me put it
another way …
Is there any technical reason why these Errors could not be
more Verbose & informative ? (apart from the developer resources need to add
that Verbose information) At the momemnt it is a totally overwhelming task for
any developer to track down most of the Console Errors, due to liittle or no
information as to where they are coming from,

Great example in your screenshot. Numerous error with " Multiple Object with
same name
" but no record of what that name is, which must be know to find
the duplicates, but is not presented in the log. So how does one even start to
find the source of this error, let alone what the duplicate name is. ? At the
end of the day , every error should at least be traceable, and with the
potential of being corrected.

SonantAlpaca • Sep 15 2021 at 4:39 AM


We agree that the console could use some improvements… And we’ve made some
changes that will be available in the next update :

- Giving more details on the file concerned by the error/warning


Thank you – Thank you and " Merci " .

S0, can we expect to see this in the Released SU12, or is what has been
improved already in the current Beta ?

Can some point me in the right direction please… So many errors in Dev
Console --3800+ within a minute of going to FLY mode. Where are they all
coming from ? (Empty community folder) I did a Text search in every file in
Official, and none contained these “Invalid variable names”

Hello @N6722C What aircraft are you flying with? Are
those errors visible if you fly with a different plane? You can’t find those
through a text search because those variable names are likely composed from
multiple template behaviour parameters. Regards, Sylvain

Thank you for the suggestions … In this case, I will try again, with a
standard Asobo plane, and nothing in Community. As for what plane is
generating these errors-- that exactly the point I was trying to make-- the
error , even in details, does not give any clue as to where these errors are
coming from. Update: Empty Community folder, C712sp … and still get all these
Invalid variable names. I assume I need to dig deeper …

Re-Installed MSFS Premiun/Deluxe. Nothing in Community. No other MSFS exe’s
loading in content.xml or exe.xml No purchased market-place content loaded
Still getting all these Invalid variable name errors While they do not seem to
be doing any harm, it just seems wrong to 1000’s to be appearing when MSFS
loads & I start to fly. – (and no easy way to tell where they are really
coming from )

Checked with 3 other Devs. All 3 are seeing the same large number (1000’s) of
“Invalid variable name” errors.

@FlyingRaccoon Should therefore be easy for
others to reproduce. Maybe next time ytou have MSFS fired up, you can take a
quick look in your Dev Console, and see if you also get 1000’s of these
“Invalid variable name” errors, and if so, figure out what is causing them .

I think most of these errors are caused by the AI system, both flying and
ground aircraft systems. @FlyingRaccoon
Theory: Is the sim trying to load the full cockpit behaviour code for AI
aircraft but failing because they don’t use the max LOD model? That seems like
it would cause performance problems? Here’s a quick recording of just enabling
ground aircraft at ENGM. 5000+ errors and counting in 9 seconds. Turning on AI
traffic as well gives me 7000+ errors in half a minute. (I tried attaching it
directly to this reply, but get an error saying it’s more than 4.8 MB, even if
I try reducing it to 2MB). It would be so much easier troubleshooting if we
had both file name and simobject ID referenced in the log.

Great finding! I was able to reproduce the problem. So those are probably
false positive for AIs, we will check how we can cover this case. Thank you
for the feedback. Regards, Sylvain

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Or Positives for AI trying to go things it should not, and failing, while
consuming resources to do so, and bogging down the system.? Ie rather than
kill the messenger, fix the cause of the messages … (which I assume will be
your goal)

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