We need a way to control (remove) photogrammerty mesh

Hi, After the recent Australian World update, many 3rd party developers
downunder have had their creations affected by photogrammetry updates. Two
things happen: 1) The photogrammetry mesh overwrites (sits on top of) 3rd
party custom aerial data. In a lot of cases, our image data has been edited to
remove objects photographed on the ground to create a nicer experience for the
end-user. 2) The photogrammetry introduces a severe performance hit to the
scenery that was designed within the limits and tested in the Sim on PC and
Xbox (pre-photogrammetry) Our customers are now experiencing extra load on
their systems which is causing an unpleasant experience to our customers. This
is now impacting existing customers and also causing another round of re-
development to the scenery. What we need urgently is a way to be able to
control photogrammetry meshes added by Asobo so our professional 3rd party
scenery doesn’t suffer unexpected consequences of Asobo world updates in the
future and retrospectively. What would be Ideal is a polygon tool to set an
area to remove photogrammetry from an area. The impact of this is that we now
have customers complaining about performance and they’re not getting the
aerial imagery they paid for.

I agree with @HybridNZ here. As reported to Jorg, our YPAD scenery suffered
many errors after the Australian World Update; the biggest one being that our
entire aerial was replaced causing all our aprons and surrounding blends
(Grass, Gravel, etc) to no longer look appropriate and appear to be Red. Our
customers are complaining about this and it may prevent them from trusting our
products in the future which as a small development company could cause
issues. From our testing at YPAD performance has been drastically impacted,
the system I have which is a i9 9900KF, 64GB Ram & a 2080Ti use to achieve a
solid 40+ FPS at YPAD now reduced to less than 15 - 20 at times. When our dev
project is opened it runs at 5 - 8 most the time often causing the simulator
to crash when attempting to adjust Polygons or Aprons. I have noticed even
with the TIN Excluded the sim still appears to attempt to draw the mesh at a
ground level and after further investigation on our project it seems that
almost every building we have modeled has a Photogrammetry mesh that is trying
to build under it and is flickering with the ground. I don’t know enough about
the photogrammetry to say this is why the impact has been so significant in
our YPAD release, however I imagine if the sim is attempting to still draw a
mesh on top of our already modeled terminal I would think that this is an
added load for the sim and many of our users machines. Look forward to seeing
what solution we can have here.

We have been fortunate not to have been impacted by photogrammetry related
issues however have noticed that the new bridge for the Hornibrook Highway
which seems to be a hand modelled bridge can not be removed using any known
exclusion method. We have removed our custom bridge from the YRED scenery to
avoid duplication and extra load on GPU for users. Before the world update we
are able to exclude the autogen bridge.

I agree, that there should be a way to exclude photogrammetry entirely (from a
particular area) for the reasons stated above. Most importantly - custom ortho
can’t be added above photogrammetry…

@FlyingRaccoon Any chance of getting this looked at?

I delete photogrammetry on my airports all the time with polygons and set
Buildings/Exclude TIN.

Yes, this has been introduced in SU9 as a new tool. We have since edited all
of the effect scenery and will release when SU9 is public.

It’s not new, but that’s great :slight_smile: I’ve been using the method since at least
early 2021…

Different use cases to a vanilla mesh exclude, we’re all talking about custom
ortho being overwritten. The loading order leveling changes that came in SU9
have fixed or ‘respected’ the TIN bit flags properly. This was affecting all
3rd party sceneries with complex ground plate data.