We’re still in the dark about FSArchive and Premium Deluxe

About a month ago the Asobo team held a live Dev q&a.; During this Q&A; Jorg
confirmed at
that they had the go ahead from manufacturers to unlock the premium-deluxe
content to make the planes moddable. We’ve had several weekly SDK updates
since then, and absolutely 0 word from Asobo on when or how much content would
be unlocked, leaving content devs for the premium deluxe planes in limbo with
future plans, debating whether or not to move forward with Asobo’s software.
I, and many other devs in the premium deluxe community would appreciate Asobo
giving this issue the same transparency they give to other issues. We need to
know: Will you announce this feature in a weekly SDK update? When will you
unlock the files? SU10? SU20? SU30? How much content will be unlocked? Can we
modify or improve assets such as the 3D model, letting us add an EFB to the
787-10 or will that still be encrypted?

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Hello @NakajimaYoshi I can confirm this is an ongoing process at Asobo. No ETA
or additional info I can give here. Regards, Sylvain

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Hi all, any updates on this topic? Thanks.

Hi there, any news on this? It’s December 2023.

They Unlocked the .cfg file some months ago, allowing for some limited Mods via the cfg files.

The IDEAL might be for MSFS 2024 not to have Premium/Deluxe version, (that has so much unrest in the community), and just have the one Version, with all former Premium/deluxe planes & airports Un-encoded. and put everyone on a level Flying Field.

Not to ignore the “Elephant in the room” – The encryption was cracked over a year ago. All it does now is to penalize legitimate owner.

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Jorg talked more about that in their last Dev Stream. 20:00

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