Weather Data to Simconnect external application

Hello, We would like to thank you for offering the ability to open up the
weather system to MSFS WASM gauges. One addition to this system comes to mind,
it is impossible for external Simconnect applications to access the same
weather data that is offered to WASM/JavaScript gauges. Could we perhaps open
up the weather bitmap data to a WASM gauge so we could save the data to a
bitmap and use it inside our Simconnect application? Additionally, are there
any plans to provide weather data to Simconnect applications? Or any other
solution would suffice as long as it helps. The current system locks out all
standalone Simconnect applications and they will miss out on this great
feature that SU10 will bring. Thank you.

Additionally, is it possible to provide direct precipitation data as an array
and we could do the parsing ourselves?

It would indeed be wonderful and useful to have access to that info outside of
the sim!

I second that request! Lots of projects would benefit from accessing the
weather data via Simconnect. It would be great if this could be implemented.

Agreed. WX information will have a lot of applications if supplied to

As the owner of Flysimware I suggest to Asobo that is request is very much

This is much needed and for a flight simulator to lack features like these are
not acceptable. I hope it is implemented in a timely fashion.