Weather variables and scenery models (AMBIENT VISIBILITY)

I’m not sure which category to post this under as it is associated with both
sim variables and scenery design. I am hoping to animate scenery depending on
weather. Specifically, I want to have lead-in lights / running rabbits only
enabled in bad weather and low visibility. Looking at the simvars I can’t
really make sense of them: AMBIENT VISIBILITY is supposed to give meters of
visibility according to the docs. In live weather it gives values around 30
000-60 000. But in preset weather it specifically gives values between 112 000
and 138 600 only. Adjusting the weather sliders shows that the only slider
that influences this variable is “Aerosol density”. An aerosol density of 1
gives an AMBIENT VISIBILITY of 138 600 and density of 20 gives visibility
value of 112 000. It is not related to actual visibility in any way. Why?
AMBIENT DENSITY gives a value of 0.0022453498095274 and nothing affects it.
It’s stuck at this value no matter the weather setting. Are these variables
working as intended, and if so, what is the intention? Is this a bug that
should be reported? Are there other ways to do scenery animation based on bad
weather at the airport?

Hello. Using the SimVarWatcher app from the SDK, I can see the AMBIENT DENSITY
value changing as well, as I modify the aerosol density parameter

The ambient visibility only
takes the aerosol density into account, it will not reflect the actual in game
visibility that is also the result of cloud cover and precipitations. We are
looking into providing additional simvars for this. Regards, Sylvain

For weather check you can also use AMBIENT PRECIP RATE , unit -
millimeters of water

When can we get a humidity simvar? I want to make the contrail lifetime
depending on the humidity.