Weight and Balance UI - zeros out fuel, does not set fuel in all tanks - can't debug fuel issues due to ALL UI missing after project rebuild

This issue with fuel and W and B has been around since SU8, maybe earlier. Now
this has been compounded by the missing UIs when rebuilding. I used to be able
to: 1. Open project at apron 2. build 3. change cfg 4. rebuild Now I have
to: 1. Open project at SIm start 2. build (so I can select aircraft) 3. go
to apron 4. open project (because the Project UI has closed) 5. build 6.
test change cfg 7. build - UI disappears 8. restart flight 9. open project
10. build 11. test change cfg - go to 8

Agreed… reported some time ago both Prior to and after SU12 still awaiting
solution :frowning:

I haven’t done much for the last 2 years and still can’t believe this is still a thing.
Just started building an old project of mine and the fuel is still zeroing out.

It’s 2024 and almost time for the next sim!