Weight & Balance synchronisation from Tablet to Sim W&B Panel (and back)

I’ve created a Weight & Balance preset feature for Aircraft Manager:
manager-pro/595064> All working, all good. However, in my testing I noticed
there is no consistency or standard with aircraft that have EFB Tablets that
configure the W&B.; Some synchronise with the MSFS W&B; toolbar panel when you
use their EFB tablet to set cargo/passenger configurations, others don’t
update it at all. This is a problem due to the different W&B; settings that
different EFB Tablets have (ie: no standard) and the only standard display
users have to go on is the sims W&B.; I think it’s essential any change to
W&B; should be reflected on the sims W&B; panel, as that’s the central
reference point for pilots if you want to know what’s loaded, and where the CG
is. Questions:

  1. Why is there no standard implementation that EFB Tablets can implement that ensures any EFB Tablet triggered W&B; change synchronises to the MSFS Toolbar W&B; panel? Or is there? Link?
  2. How should developers implement this synchronisation, and can it be added to the SDK docs?
  3. Are there any known issues that are stopping developers from doing the above, and can we fix them? Thanks.

ref: Possibly related: