Weird ATC routing on my airport - how to diagnose and fix?

I have released CYOO airport, however there is a strange ATC behavior there. I
turned on taxy instructions to see the ribbon, and the ribbon goes through
very illogical routing that goes to the runway and runs along it until it runs
out into the grass, which doesn’t make any sense. There is a perfectly fine
taxiway that leads there, and I double-checked that taxiway paths are
consistent and connected, and marked with appropriate letters. See
screenshots. What can cause this and why? How do I correct it in an update?
The ATC instructions read almost correct in the window: Hold short runway 30
via taxiway D A B cross runway 05 - but why is there “runway 05 D”, this is
nonsense. It’s runway 05. But the actual ribbon is nothing like the
instructions! I marked the correct path with orange dotted lines, and where
the actual ribbon was going - with red dotted lines. You can see that it goes
to runway 30 isntead of taxiway B and keeps going on it, just running of into
the grass. The ribbon contradicts what ATC is actually saying, it’s illegal
and confusing. Runway start is in the usual place, next to the numbers, though
taxiway B connects a bit further, but that should not be a problem, and ribbon
does roung way past the start point anyway. What should I do and how can I
diagnose the problem?

Hello @RomanDesign can you send us your scenery XML ? See [3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Any ideas?

You are missing a link (see red line):

Without it, AI can not cross
Runway 23

Thank you! It was screwing up the lines, but I didn’t think of that. I’ll add