What affects aircraft ground roll speed besides thrust?

Dear Asobo, Besides putting more or less thrust to the engines, is there any
particular variable or configuration file we can set to affect the taxi speed
(on idle for example) and how fast an airplane can go on full take off power?
like ground friction, ground drag? I know the question can sounds odd, but
hear me out. I am having issues setting a turbo prop modern thrust (there is a
post about it, Asobo is investigation)… and either I end up under powered for
take off or too powered up for taxi where after removing the parking brake the
airplane goes incredible fast on taxi, totally unrealistic. So I am wondering
if there are some settings to tweak this behaviour, I tried reducing the over
airplane drag, but it appears this only has an effect after the airplane being
in the “air” not while it is on the runway… so unfortunately unless I have
1200 lbs of thrust during take off at max power I cannot hit the required POH
runway length for take off… So far, I can only hit the required configuration
as per POH using legacy prop physics so far, so is there something else I
might be missing here to tweak the behavior while on ground? I can tweak drag
and all sort of things in the air, that’s not an issue… Thanks for the help,

@Boris @FlyingRaccoon Anything you guys could do to help me with this
question? how we can limit the ground taxi speed without killing the turbo
prop engine? Best, Raul

I have the same problem. IRL the flight manual suggests to taxi in idle
reverse, but that does also not seem to work in the sim. Idle reverse also
gives high taxispeed.

I think this is relevant to your question.
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3108 At that time, they said they
were considering opening up the friction values to developers, but so far it
hasn’t happened.