What are the binary WGS file types?

The file names under WGS, have GUID file names.
Some are really standard XML files.
others are binary - maybe some type of Database file.?

Does anyone know what file type they are … a standard type, or some custom MSFS file type. I am hoping they are some standard Database format, and can read (and edited) by some standard Database application.
My Datastore one has grown out of all proportion, and is full of unwanted data, mainly from old deleted or updated planes.

Some time ago Asobo indicated that they might make a dev tool to examine & pruned the Datastore, but that does not seem to be something on the near horizon.

While one could write a JS Gauge to use the SDK calls to read, display and give the option to delete entries, a stand alone tool would be far easier, especially if the data is some common database type,

BTW, FLO seems to have no difficulty or issues storing very large data sets in the Data Store (even if t was originally NOT designed for such large data sets) or maybe this is a ticking time bomb !!