What are the new minforce/maxforce airplane geometry variables added in SU11 to flight_model.cfg?

While looking at the C172 and LS8 I noticed that there’s a new set of
parameters dealing with force-based aspects of the control surfaces. You can
see it by looking at the aforementioned aircraft’s flight_model.cfg files or
by copying those files into an example aircraft, building it, and loading it
into the aircraft editor. The comments in the Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-
devmode\Edition\FileDefs\FileDefs_AircraftEditor.xml file suggest these were
added for SU11. Does anyone have any idea what these might be and how they are
going to be used? I couldn’t find mention of them in the documentation. I’m
not sure if I missed any announcements that would demystify these.

Looks like these are for planes that can tow sailplanes and have different
forces based on the type of pilot.

Hello @juancb Those are some prototype parameters that were not removed from
the final build. They don’t have any use now and will be removed from the
Aircraft Editor. Thank you for reporting this. Regards, Sylvain

That seems like a potentially exciting set of parameters. There has been a lot
of discussion around the current input model and its limitations on the MSFS
user forums. The biggest problem is that the reduced control surfaces travel
as the inverse of the dynamic pressure results in broken stall dynamics like
accelerated stalls and the inability to exceed the aircraft’s design
limitations above maneuvering speed (Va). Of course there are also concerns
around input rate damping and the impact that has on aerobatic flight. I’m
hoping this prototype is to address some of those limitations as it would
unlock behavior that the underlying flight model is more than capable of
simulating. I urge you and the developers working on this prototype to seek
feedback early and often from folks that have previously raised the issue.

Example thread: <https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/all-that-is-wrong-with-
sensitivity/379936> Thanks!