What in MSFS is activated by Flaps that can keep you from taking off?

I have had several customers write me about their planes not being able to take off, cannot get the nose wheel up, the plane runs down the runway unable to lift off. They turn on flaps in flight, and their plane spirals out of the sky into the ground.

One person found the issue, a setting in MSFS, and I do not remember what it was, and cannot find his email. I wish I knew what it was.

Does anyone know? Is it pilot assistant? An automated feature in MSFS? Its rare, but people are getting this and think its my plane when its actually a system in MSFS.

Thanks for any input and help on this issue.


Maybe legacy flight model?

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Thanks @Simbol , I’ll check that.

That was it. Many thanks Sir.


You can set the parameter modern_fm_only in flight_model.cfg to force the modern flight model and ignore the settings menu for your plane. See the [FLIGHT TUNING] section flight_model.cfg

@lyonhaart001 Bill yea set the parameter modern_fm_only… I do it now for all my products.


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