What is the best way to place a compass rose on a parking apron?

I need to place a compass rose on an aircraft parking apron. What is a good
way to do this? I have thought about creating the compass rose in a vector art
program, saving as a png, then creating a material to use for a small apron
that is placed over the parking apron. But I’m unfamiliar with a lot of that
process, so I’d need to fill in many details. I’ve been searching for an
article or video that explains the process but so far haven’t come up with
anything…Closest has been creating a custom ground texture.

May help? Random compass from the internet, just make sure the texture size
are multiple of four https://youtu.be/G_8-dX307XA

If you have Blender, I have found that adding the image as a Projected Mesh
works fine. Start off in Blender by creating importing the image (must be
sized so that it is pixels are divisible by 8) as a plane, making sure you
have alpha channel on your image so that the underlying tarmac comes through.
Next, you should select it and scale it to the size of your desired compass
rose in the program. Make sure you select it and scale “All Transforms” Select
it and convert it to “Mesh” (object/convert/mesh) Save and then export it to
your airport project in the (name)_ModelLib directory. Then do the usual,
except instead of adding it as scenery, add it as Projected Mesh. (select from
drop down menu) Select paint and above runway. It should work well.

I would also be inclined to recolor the black lines in your image to be white.
I think they will disappear into the dark concrete.

Nice compass rose. I’ll use it as a temporary placeholder while I complete my
own design based on the local airport’s version. Thank you also for the
Youtube link. I’ve started to spend some time with it but realize I’ll have to
spend more time before I understand it completely.

I do have Blender and have spent some time on it but I’m not to where I’d like
to be yet and realize there is so much to learn about it. I will try out your
suggested method as soon as I can. Thank you very much!

I’ve been pretty successful at capturing images from Bing Maps, let’s say, and
editing it to work in the sim. When creating a material from the texture,
you’re going to want the texture itself to be square and sized at a power of
two (1024 x 1024, 2048 x 2048, etc.). It’s ok if the actual geometry isn’t
square, I tend to justify the image to the top. Then, when you place the
texture in an apron, use local UV coordinates and slide it around with the UV
sliders and the texture rotation slider. Which brings up an important request
for the SDK interface folks… Controlling those sliders to an exact number is
really, really hard; for some reason the sliders know what value I want, and
don’t let me go there, and jump to either side every… single… time. Can
you please allow users to type in values for the sliders, too? Pretty please?
Anyway, I’ve done compass roses and tarmac textures at several airports if you
have any further questions. (KASH, 2B2, KIWI,… and KCON I think). When
creating the Material with the texture you can choose it to be type Asphalt.

The Compass Rose has been created and placed. It was created in a vector-based
program and saved as a png with a transparent background. Photoshop was used
to adjust colors and placed some additional graphics on the image. Then a new
material was created in a custom asset library (new, in my case). The png
image was put into the “Package Sources”, MaterialLibs folder within the
“textures” folder of the ICAO-materials folder…In the Material Inspector, the
png was added to MSFS. A new rectangular apron was added and the new material
(ICAO_Compass_Rose) was moved into the apron. Draw Surface, Local UV, Stretch
UV, Flip UV and Ground Merging were checked in the Properties for the new
Apron. The Apron was given a priority of “1”. The center point coordinates of
the Compass Rose were entered in the Gizmo. No Surface type was given in the
Material Inspector. The image appears (clearly) at the airport and appears
painted on the asphalt of the aircraft parking area, just as it should. Thank
you all for your help!