What is the correct way to fill lift_coef_aoa_table?

When defining a flight model, what is the correct way to fill
lift_coef_aoa_table? My initial assumption was to take the polars for the main
wing’s airfoil and plug them in, but this doesn’t take into account lift
generated by the rest of the airframe. I can’t be the only person who is
unsure about this, because many aircraft add-ons are copy-pasting this config
entry from default aircraft.

For this, you need some data. In my case, I use the unreliable airspeed tables
from the FCOM of the aircraft I model. It gives you a pitch for level flight,
from which you can work out the AOA, and you can calculate the lift, so the
lift coefficient.

Could you to write out your formula and an example? It would be so much

what if you have the NACA Data and enter it correctly … then SIM Shows
totally unrelated curve :frowning: