What is the point of these errors in bglcomp.xsd?

While exploring this fantastic simulator and its SDK, in my modest, though
insufficient, computer knowledge I would like to better understand what is
described below with the help of some screen shots.

I tried to investigate but
found no justification for these reported errors.

The attributes have all the
correct references in bglcomp.xsd both in the “ComplexType” and in the
“simpleType”, so I don’t understand this list of errors even if it would be
easier to ignore them as they don’t seem to affect the sim.

Hello Gjanosh, Have you tried using a different tool like Notepad++ or this
website : Free Online XML Validator Against XSD Schema -
xsd is updated on a regular basis and shouldn’t lead to this kind of errors.
Regards, Sylvain

XML Validator - XSD (XML Schema)

The XML document is valid. It must be an XML Notepad bug!

Thank you very much @FlyingRaccoon … I realized that my version was very
outdated (2.1) after upgrading to version 2.5 the error list was clean.
However, now there is a further 2.8 version on Github … Now, after a long
time using XML Notepad 2007 I am very happy with its Intellisense … in the
end I am also fond of it. https://microsoft.github.io/XmlNotepad/index.html