What is the RESISTANCE column in the Dev Electrical page?

What is the RESISTANCE column in the Dev Electrical page ? Can a BUS or a bus-
bus connection be assigned a Resistance ? ie Connection made resistance If so,
this may be the way to add the simulation of the battery Internal Resistance ?

Hello @N6722C Are you referring to this view?

If so, this is only applicable
to circuits and the way the resistance is computed is documented here:
Additional Config Information

Regards, Sylvain

Wow I spent 30 minutes diagnosing a power issue yesterday (by inspecting
SimVars) and I never realised there is a “ElectricalSystemDebug” window
somewhere in the SDK! Thanks for posting.

I have “lived” on that page for the past 2 weeks …, and I still have not
figure out what the “Supplied” Power is. – or more precisely, how it is being
calculated in this Page. Voltage, Resistance %, AMPS yes, but how the Power
relates to them remains a mystery to me… (so much so, that I ended up
shrinking that column down so it is not visible, as it makes no sense to me at
all). But finally, (with the aid of a spreasheet to calculate values), I now
have all my Circuit Parameters (Pmin, Pmax & Vmin) calculated, and proving the
correct loads as wanted, with and without Resistor % circuit connections.