What is the supported syntax for AND logical notation?

Hello, While reading some of the code provided with native MSFS aircrafts, I
noticed some strange things in the XML files: depending on the case, the
following declarations can be found : & or && or AND. If I’m not mistaken & is
an old statement used on FS2004 and the MSFS SDK only refers to the last two:
&& and AND. Now some planes are currently delivered with the FS2004 statement:
do they really work or is this statement simply ignored? In these conditions,
can you solve the uncertainty and tell me which statement to use from now on.
Thanks you.

Hello @LagaffeVfr5476 , Can you give me an example of an aircraft using the
logical operator & ? I will make some tests and ask to the devs (I made some
tests on the scenery side and all of the 3 versions of this logical operator
are working as expected)

Two AeroplaneHeaven aircrafts : Cessna 140 and Electra The Fouga Magister of
Restauravia The CL215 of RLaborie The Ant’s Drifter As you said, if currently
the three versions works, do you plan to support them in the future (even the
FS2004 acceptance ?). In the past, mouse control were supported on Legacy
aircraft and one day … they are not ! So it will be interesting to know
that the future will be.

I made some tests on my side and can confirm that && is supported and works.
The documentation only refers to && or AND because it is no longer necessary
to use && . This is more human readable and the way xml is parsed is not the
same as before, so you should use && or AND. Regards, Boris