What makes a screen "pop"?

I would like to know what makes a screen “poppable”, namely, a GNS530 screen.
It does pop on the C172 Steam, but not on the Pilatus. But in general, what is
needed to have the pop enabled? Thanks

Following, I have the same problem… pressing Alt + Left mouse click on
default airplanes is making the G1000, GS3X and others coming as a re-sizeable
2D panel… Failing to do this on my own product despite of using the same
gauges… wondering what can we do to enable this functionality? Best, Raul

I wouldnt be surprised if it was some kind of added collision panel + some
other obscure things

I’m no modeller, but a collision material was missing in one of the projects I
work on. After the modeller added it, the pop-out feature worked. Hans

Interesting… could it be the panel collision ? I have it… We need some
clarification from Asobo regarding what is the the magic trick :slight_smile:

I just checked with the modeller. It’s the mesh of the display screen that
needs to have the collision flag set. Sorry for the unprecise first answer :wink:

Yes just reached this conclusion after some tests on my side. Many thanks for
your help Hans, very much appreciated. Regards, Raul

indeed, setting the material to “Colision” fixed it, thanks :slight_smile:

One more question on this regard now, I am noticing any garmin units that get
poped out via this technique has no mouse cursor… however when they are in
the 3D bezel they do have the hand cursor. Anything we need to do in order to
have a cursor on HTML / JS gauges when they have been poped out via ALT+Left
click? Best, Raul