What takes priority here? Ideas or Questions

Does an idea or question have the same priority? I’ve just run out of votes.
ok fine. So now I can’t vote on an idea, however I can still “like” (ie. vote)
on a question. This leads me to believe that questions don’t get the respect
they deserve. The platform guidelines say to use a Question as a bug report.
Does it get the same treatment/priority as an idea? I notice that “ideas” have
a status “pending priority” “won’t do” “completed” etc. It seems “Questions”
don’t get this status indicator. doing a Sort by like/votes shows ideas get a
status, but have not seen any questions with a status. Again, “Questions” are
not a high priority, meaning bug reports are not a high priority. If
“Questions” are the same as ideas, please put a status on these bug report

Hi @DA40CGDFQ, Because of the way we treat posts
here, questions have some kind of priority over ideas:

  • We tend to investigate/respond to questions as fast as we can (even if I understand it may not be fast enough for some of you) because we assume that they potentially relate to bugs that could block several developers/players.
  • We review ideas by batch on a (not enough) regular basis and see if they can be added to our roadmap.

Of course some questions lead to discussions that actually turn into ideas so
the frontier between the two “kinds” of topic can be a bit blurry at times.
Hope it answers your question. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

would it be an option to “upgrade” a question to an idea, without reposting
it? We had the this case with the METAR via SimConnect question.

Hello This platform doesn’t allow to convert questions to ideas for now and we
don’t have control over this. @DA40CGDFQ Same
goes for status. Status are associated to ideas and can’t be used for
questions. We only have the “accepted answer” state for questions. But we have
put in place some tools internally so that each question is now tracked, with
a status and assigned to one of us. This is not going to improve our general
time to answer but I expect we’ll miss less questions with this new process.
Feel free to bump old unanswered questions when they’re still relevant. As
Eric mentioned, we prioritize questions over ideas as questions are more prone
to bug reports and ideas to feature requests. Regards, Sylvain

Priority is Questions (Bug Reports). Thanks, this is good, However I can’t
help but think that the dev support site is not as prominent as the forum. The
weekly Thursday Blog has information on the status of Wishlists and Bugs
there, but I see no representation of Bugs and Ideas in the Blog reporting.
Granted there are a lot less people that participate here and hence the number
of votes is much smaller. It would be difficult to merge the two. So the
Questions (Bug Reports) not having a status, gives the impression that they
are not a high priority. We all here thank you for the good work that the
ASOBO staff does. The sim is has exceeded my expectations, but that just makes
me want more. :wink: Perhaps adding more categories/classifications when we post
a question/Idea. add Bug Report and then a sub category of Weather, ATC, AI,
Engines-Piston, Engine-Turbo Props, Engines - Turbine, Engines-Jet, Engines-
Electrical, Engines-None, Flight Model. (possibly others)

Hello @DA40CGDFQ Game bug reporting and SDK bug reporting are two completely
separate flows with their own support and QA teams so that’s why SDK related
issues are not shown in the Thursday blog information. We communicate on the
level of QA teams so of course we will report game issues to the game QA team
and they will report SDK related issues to us. So putting aside a SDK issue to
focus on a game related issue will not happen as we always have some resources
fully dedicated to SDK. What can happen is that we are focusing on testing a
release candidate and have less ressources for support, or that a question is
on hold as we are waiting for some investigation/feedback outside the SDK
team. We have planned a team presentation for the upcoming SDK Live Q&A; so
you’ll learn a bit more on this occasion. As for the bug categories, that’s
the point of spaces and topics (tags). We started with this granularity as we
didn’t want to have dozens of spaces with a few questions each. We are open to
discussion on adding new topics and possibly new spaces if that can help. For
the one you mentioned, I’d say the question about weather/ATC/AI will have to
be in the category of the SDK component you used. SimConnect if spawning the
AI with this API, Aircraft if encountering some issues with AI not flying
according to what’s specified in the CFGs, etc… Engine is a good candidate
for a dedicated space as we have a lot of questions on the subject and it’s
particularly complex. Regards, Sylvain