What was done to the Manifold Pressure?

Before SU6 my engines were able to develop 36 in/Hg of manifold pressure at
sea lvl… After SU6 the absolute best i can get is 17 in/Hg and that is at any
given altitude… seeing as we take our readings directly from the LVar that
gives the manifold pressure, the only thing that could have changed is the
flight model engine… So what was done and what steps can i take to fix
this??? Pam

Hello @warchild We are currently reviewing your question. What does your local
var contain? The value of the ENG MANIFOLD PRESSURE SimVar? I’ll let you know
if we find anything that could cause this. Regards, Sylvain

Some piece of answer: We added some systems to this part of the piston engine:
manifold pressure regulator and multispeed supercharger. These new systems
should not have any influence if you don’t use the new_supercharged
parameter that was added with SU6. Can you provide us with your package so we
can further investigate? Regards, Sylvain