When I move my package folder (that had no build errors) to community folder I dont see the changes in game

I cannot for the life of me get my projects to showup in the game without
being in the editor. I add some ‘scenery’ save the scenery, and build the
package (i get no errors). I close the game, move the packages/“folder” to my
community folder. Then I relaunch the game and go to the airport i made the
changes, and I see no change. Am I doing something blatantly wrong? Or is it a
problem with the file directories?

You need to “Build & Export” for it to be available. When you Export it will
create a folder called “community” in your download folder or wherever you
tell it to go. Then go inside that folder and grab the Airport folder and
place that in your community folder…that’s all it should take…let us know
if that works.

Building should be enough to have a package you can copy to Community. The
problem is elsewhere I think.

Hello @diverseelm - Is the package showing in the Packages tool and if so,
what’s its state? - If no error is showing, set the group filter to “All
Groups” in the console and recheck (we still have a few errors that are not in
the appropriate group I think)
Regards, Sylvain