When writing airport XML in devmode gate types change

Hi! As described https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/4086 we can assign
different types of services for different types of gates. Which is pretty
handy also to change spawning locations to avoid collisions at certain gates.
This in turn requires us to be able to assign different gate types (MEDIUM,
SMALL, EXTRA…) to gates with a similar radius depending on their requirement
(some may require the majority of the services left of the aircraft, some
right, some in front, others have no jetways, while others needs a ramp and so
on…) This work pretty neat in XML code where you can change the gate types
to your needs. Problem now is that each time I save an airport XML in MSFS
devmode (no matter if I edited the gates or something entirely different in
the same file) all gate types in the XML are changed to types, which seem to
be based on their radius. In essence, all gate type changes made either in
code or in DevMode are overruled once you save the file in DevMode.
changing the gate type in DevMode:

After saving and re-loading:
Is this something that can be
changed in future so we can assign services per groups of gates depending on
their requirement? Thank you!

Hello @Sasa , This is by design and we have no plan, at this time, to change
this behavior as it could lead to serious side effects. Regards, Boris

Thank you for the quick response @Boris ! If you don’t mind me asking: Can I
expect serious side effects by overruling this behavior in XML code? I
understand if this has to stay the way it is to is doesn’t impact existing
workflows in creating/updating airports internally. Just want to be sure that
if I do this differently if I can expect something I haven’t yet considered.
So far the gate type doesn’t seem to have any impact at all in MSFS - only the
radius does. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I can’t tell you what the effects will be in advance because there are many
possible contexts and you will not be safe from an issue with the AI or
airport services for example in case of a change in the xml. You can try it
but you will understand that I can’t guarantee it will work in all the cases
:wink: Regards, Boris