Where are fspackagetool.exe and Sim Launcher?

Does this mean I now have to load the sim just to test if a small edit to a
project will compile ?

They are under MSFS SDK\Tools\bin

Yeah Sorry … looks like the installer chose to install to C:\SDK when I
have it installed to a different location HALF the files went to new location
Half went to C:\ LOL Go figger… Amazed anything works TBH

You can install on C:\ then move “MSFS SDK” the directory where you want but
… you should modify the environment variable MSFS_SDK. The new SDK is
splitted in 4 parts: Core, Documentation, Samples, DA62 sample.

They are under MSFS SDK\Tools\bin

Edited by moderator. I can understand the frustration but vulgar language and
dozens of question marks doesn’t make the question more pertinent. :slight_smile:

Hello. We are aware of the issue with path selection when installing the SDK,
it will be fixed and reuploaded shortly. Regards, Sylvain

The current SDK version no longer has this issue.