Where in Published Package can we put a flight plan PLN?

I think the title says it all but to clarify … I am including a Tutorial
document with a product that requires the user to load a PLN (Flight Plan) My
question is this … Where in the Build should this PLN be placed to allow the
end user to load it easily into their aircraft from the MSFS World Map Screen

Hello @ModelMuncher For now, the best way is to provide it as a COPY asset
group in your package, and user will have to browse to your package to
manually load the PLN file. Not ideal obviously. I’ll raise the question with
our designers and see how the system can be improved. A similar topic about
distribution through Marketplace has been brought as an idea here:
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/4070 Don’t hesitate to upvote and
participate to the discussion. Regards, Sylvain

the flight plan generated in MSFS 2020 is limited to the first 12 steps …
can this be corrected?