Which aircraft parameters affect WINCH SPEED?

As per subject can anyone explain which parameters of an aircraft config (i.e.
glider) actually controls the speed the WINCH uses to tow the plane into the
air? Nothing in the docs I can find, and my best guess of the flight_model.cfg
[REFERENCE SPEEDS] doesn’t seem correct.

Until/if a definitive answer, after extensive trial and error it seems the
most significant parameter affecting winch launch speed is:

        cruise_speed = XX ; Knots

It’s possible “takeoff_speed” and “climb_speed” are also relevant but for a
glider if those are set in a sequence anyway takeoff_speed < climb_speed <
cruise speed then it’s still cruise_speed that is the key parameter for the

Hello @B21 You are on the right track. The winch will accelerate at 1G until
it reaches 75% of the design cruise speed. The winch will progressively reduce
power passed 30°. Regards, Sylvain