White boxes references

Hello, i would like to know if the white boxes which help to adjust plane’s
characteristics (wings & fuselage) are important to follow. If i shift all
aircrafts values either in front or behind these white boxes, will the plane
behave differently ?

i noticed that the size of the boxes change with span values but i don t know
how the centre of these boxes is determined.

Sim Dimensions is the white boxes I assume you are talking about. You can just
use SIM under debug and you get both Sim and Sim Dimensions. All contact
points are based on the Datum Reference Point. Found under weight and balance.
Yes to your question as it does not change the characteristics and is only a
reference/location for all the contact points throughout the airplane. So do
not change this after all other contact points are set. Always set the Datum
first followed by the cg. Best to have your 3ds modeling program have the
center of scene at the center of the fuselage without the tail section
included. This way when you set the length of the fuselage it will be from the
nose to the start of the tail. The Datum white boxes are not used. Also do
NOT use the orange cylinder box as reference for the diameter of the
fuselage. For the fuselage, wing and tail surfaces use the sim from the
debug window to see the scale and location using the small green points and
ignore the white and orange boxes. Also it does change in scale from wing
length but ignore this as the fuselage also changes. Only the wing length and
the datum position is good for viewing using these boxes. The longitude of the
wing is no longer used and you use the Aero Center Lift under Aerodynamics.
flight_model.cfg - [AIRPLANE_GEOMETRY]

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