Why are some posts getting answers by Asobo and others... not. EG: my post on faceplanting

Hi @asobo team. I’m trying to assess what your methodology is when it comes to
answering our questions… (or not, as the case may be). Seems to me that
you’d want to be at least making comments on all of the questions. Though I
can’t speak for all devs in here, I can say that we’d only post something if
we need answers… Let us know please. thanks c

FYI, this is not meant as a disparagment or any kind of attack…

Whether or not a question gets a comment depends on how much time the team has
available and if they actually have the answer to the question. Additionally,
much like Stackoverflow, this board is intended not just as dialog between us
on the MSFS team and users, but for users to also help each other. For
example, the reason a given plane might be flipping over could be many
factors, such as improperly located contact points all the way to a sim bug.
Getting the answer to that would involve loading the plane up and doing
testing on the team end, which can be time prohibitive.

Even some of the top ideas/questions aren’t getting replies. Shout in the void
and maybe, one day, magic will happen.

Agreed, at least for “ideas”. Most, if not all, of the top-voted ideas have
received no feedback, or feedback only from other 3rd party devs expressing
their support for the idea. Since these are ideas, they don’t really require
an in-depth technical response as questions do, but at least a confirmation
whether this is being worked on, potential sub-features, and a rough release
timeline (e.g. SU6, SU7, not planned, etc., like the regular wishlists).

So, if they don’t answer, it means they don’t have a solution?

I know that’s facetious but still…

Hi @Krazycolin, Actually, on Asobo side behind this DevSupport platform, there
is a team of 2 people: Sylvain ( our FlyingRaccoon), and myself. It isn’t a
full time job for any of us: he’s our Tech QA and I’m the producer. As such, I
should be able to answer your Ideas requests - at least by aknowledging. I’m
sorry if I don’t always find time for that. We’d love to hire someone at some
point, to have more time to investigate your bugs and answer your ideas. I
believe Sylvain already takes a lot of time to do that, to search for answers,
to ask you for more details… But the sim is big, and I really need to kindly
remind you that we’re just 2 behind this, and that we’re trying our best. And
it really helps when you provide very documented questions: the more details,
the easier it is for us to understand what you’re trying to do, and to find
out if it’s a bug or a lack of documentation. Right now, we can answer every
question just to let you know that we’ve received it, and that we’ll be
investigating - because we read ALL your posts, we really do! And like it was
stated by Matt above, this platform is also meant for the community to help
each other :slight_smile: So, I can only encourage you to take a look around and see if
you can help other people as well. I hope you will understand our point of
view with this answer - we don’t mean to ignore questions, authors or topics,
not at all! But the 2 of us are doing our best, and so is the developers team
working besides us. Have a good day! Alyzée