Why does not having a prop_moi line in engines.cfg disregard gear_reduction_ratio?

Hi everyone The formula to calculate the prop_moi given in the SDK docs is 0.7

  • propeller_blades * (propeller_diameter / 2) ^ 3 I notice that the aircraft
    debug comes up with a different value when I delete the prop_moi line from the
    engines.cfg. Namely, the factor seems to be 0.07 instead of 0.7. That makes
    sense to me. However, when I leave this value to the simulation and have the
    line deleted in my engines.cfg, the gear_reduction_ratio will be disregarded
    and defaults to 1. Is this an intended behaviour or am I missing something?

One thing to note is code will always use the default value from the source if
you are missing the value to use.

Just wondering why you wouldn’t put a prop_moi line in and would want to
depend on some nebulous default value? Seems like you’re purposely not
initializing a value, which, to me, will always lead to problems?

That is the actual point. I did have a gear_reduction_ratio defined. But it
was ignored. Whereas the prop_moi returned a different value in the aircraft
engine debug window than the SDK documentation prescribes as per the formula.
Something is off there.

I was simply wondering what would happen if I leave a value out which is not
required as per the SDK documentation. Turns out it comes back different to
the formula given in the documentation and breaks actual hard facts you get
from a datasheet like the gear_reduction_ratio. Added: Yes, I purposely
deleted the line because I noticed the prop_moi being shown in the aircraft
engine debug. I wanted to see whether it was my mistake and I had applied the
formula incorrectly. Turns out that I had not. But the documentation gives
false advice. Regards

The same thing happens when you comment out fixed pitch beta, even if you are
using a constant speed propl