Why is 3DS Max 2021 crashing when editing a Flight Simulator material?

When opening a FS material in the 2021 version of 3DS Max, the application
crashes. This happens with all versions of th MSFS SDK. Why does it crash and
how can we fix it?

This is caused by a bug in the scanline renderer in the 2021 version of 3DS
Max that causes a crash when handling our custom shaders. The issue has been
reported to Autodesk. In the meantime, you can switch to the “Quicksilver
Hardware Renderer”.

Glad to hear the cause has been found… I reverted to 3DS 2020, I will try
this solution inside 2021 :slight_smile:

I was going to report this
issue. But found this post. If you prefer Scanline for now you can disable
render from the material slate editor that way you can work with 2021. But
this still has issues as you can’t open the settings for a multi material. I
suggest using the QuickSilver suggestion. Quicksilver did the trick. Looking
forward to a fix. Or even better please include 3ds max 2022 for the next sdk
update. For those that try to change the render type to QuickSilver you must
save the default scene to the new render type and then you must merge the
scene rather than load the existing scene that was using Scanline. This is
what i had to do to get QuickSilver to work for my current projects.

I wanted to update a new issue when using the QuickSilver render type for 3ds
max 2021. I found if you add a new material and the material is for a gauge it
will fail to show the gauge. Even with the $ in front of the name or without.
Also trying to copy a material that was already used for a gauge also will not
work. The only way i can get a material for a gauge to work is to create one
from another scene using Scanline and merging it into the scene. Maybe someone
can confirm this and if this is true you now know how to get around this
issue. I also suggest making a bunch in advance ready to be used.

I wanted to bring this topic back. Recently when using 3DS my materials became
corrupted ( the parts showed up black in 3DS with the material applied ). I
“fixed” it by opening a earlier version of my file and merging all of the
parts into the scene from the latest file. I’m not sure if it’s related to
this issue or if it is something else.