Why is aerial CGL overridden by default terrain since SU5

It seems like Aerial CGL rendering was compromised, when ocean floor details
were enhanced and it seems like this issue is limited to any scenery that
borders oceanic details, because I see no reports, or indications that this
error is duplicated elsewhere. Without using the latest update and also the
most recent SDK sample aerial scenery as a base, the CGL scenery crashes the
simulator, so all related software and code, is already as current as
possible. This is how the compiled CGL looks in sim:

And this is my source:
One can see that when the image
is oriented north up, the division line is horizontal and corresponds to a
different image sector, which shouldn’t matter, as I captured each sector and
combined the images in Photoshop. One can see a great variety of oceanic color
and variety in this area, suggesting more changes in the future. Is there any
possibility to restore full CGL functionality?