Why is it not possible to select Amber Runway lights at the end of runways in Scenery editor?

Is there a way to implement amber runway lights at the end of runways? Right
now all the runway edge lights are white all the way. To make the runway
lights realistic the lights needs to be created manually which is a tedious
job. You should be able to select the distance with white lights, and spacing
between them and then the distance/spacing with amber/yellow lights in the
scenery editor.

Hello @artogsta To activate the amber/yellow light at the end of a runway you
need to activate “Precision Marking” under the “Marking” section of your
runway, here’s an example of the same runway with and without this option :

The distance covered by yellow
light can’t be changed because it’s set according to the FAA reglementation :
As of why those lights need the
“Precision marking” to be active, it’s from a section of the code inherited
from FSX so I don’t have more explanation on it. Best regards, Yohan

Thanks for the clarification. But is that a very good solution? In other parts
of the world they don’t necessarily follow the FAA standard. When selecting
this option the markings are fixed which is a problem especially for the
Aiming Point marking. The distance for the aiming point marking from the THR
is different from airport to airport depending on many things. Papi Angle, rwy
profile etc. So in the end I end up making the runway markings and position
the runway lights by hand which does take quite some time.

Hello @artogsta Indeed, the obligation to activate this option to have the
yellow lights is restrictive, it will be reviewed. Best regards, Yohan

Was this ever changed? Note that instrument runways do not always have precision markings, sometimes they only use non-precision markings.

I would also highly recommend use of Advisory Circular AC150/5340-30J as reference for lighting and other visual aids at US airports, as it is much more descriptive than the AIM. It’s probably due for revision soon as well.

Despite that, some airports may still have nonstandard lighting or marking.