Winch behind glider - which runway configuration needed?

This is my modded grass runway on a glider airfield. I have no idea, why the
winch is set behind the glider at start.

Hello @Tesladriver , You can send us your project via a private comment and we
will take a look at it See [3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Hello @Tesladriver , I have reviewed your project. The primary and secondary
start points of your runways are currently reversed. This issue is noticeable
on the world map when the runway is selected. To fix this: - Open your
project. - Remove both runway start points. - Create a new primary start
point and position it at the correct start of the runway number, ensuring the
correct heading. (Repeat the same process for the secondary start point.)

Regards, Boris

Thank you! That’s it.