Windows Defender <> SDK Installer

Why is the SDK installer always (since every version since release) seen as an
unsafe application? I need to click many times that I really want to install
this application. I’m using foll default Win10 configuration. Couldn’t this
been fixed? No other program I use has this behaviour.

Hi, Actually you just need to click on “more info” and then run anyway. That’s
two click , it’s pretty easy. The main reason to have this message is
“Applications that are signed with a standard code signing certificates need
to have a positive reputation in order to pass the Smart Screen filter.
Microsoft establishes the reputation of an executable based upon the number of
installations world wide of the same application” Since they is not 50M user
of the sdk that’s explain a lot. And maybe they don’t want to sign or buy
certificate for this or they are waiting for the 1.0.0

Sure - I know its possible. It’s just a little bit “weird” that a SDK which is
coming from a Microsoft partner “officially” does need such steps.

Not weird at all, typical compartmentalised large organisation (Microsoft in
this case).