Wingrunner for experimental glider

I am creating an experimental glider, and looking at the LS8, I found that it
has a Wingrunner, I mistakenly believed that it was part of the glider model
and spent hours creating a Wingrunner for my glider, with no success, then I
found out that the Wingrunner is an Simobject from MSFS!! The problem I have
is that I don’t know how to “bind” it to my glider, I tried to use the
reference points cfg file, but without success. How do I add the wingrunner to
my model? I did not find a relation or reference to nodes in the LS8 or
Wingrunner models, nor did I find options in the CFG definitions of both. I am
finding it a real mystery how to attach a wingrunner to my glider. Any help?
Thanks. D.

Hello @degorap , There is an example in the file reference_points.cfg of the




As you can see here, it references a node we have in the gltf,
“IK_Right_Hand_Target” for the hand and you can move the Wingrunner using
RelativePos, RelativeRot

Hope it
helps, Regards Boris

@Boris thanks for your reply! I have failed to find the node in the LS8 model
(I was looking for it in the interior model, silly). Now, that explains where
the wingranner will be placed, but I still have some doubts: What are the
other reference points that do not have any node indicated for? How does the
simulator know to attach a wingrunner to the plane? just for having the
reference points defined? or there is a conf value somewhere in the glider
definition? D.

Hi @degorap , I haven’t tested it, but I would say that
attachpt_wingrunner_left_hand should be used with a valid AttachTo node value
for the left hand. I think it’s more of a placeholder here and it should work
without this reference point in the file if you don’t need the left hand to be
attached to your glider. I don’t think there is any more configuration needed.
Regards, Boris

Your aircraft.cfg [FLTSIM.0] should include: ui_typerole=“Glider” your ai.cfg
should include: [GLIDER] allowWinchLaunch =1 allowTowPlaneLaunch =1 ;
allowAutonomousLaunch =1 - optional if you also have a built-in launch
capability defaultTowPlaneTitle=Cessna Skyhawk G1000 Asobo

@Boris @B21 Although I have not yet succeeded, looks like this
"ui_typerole=“Glider” is the key. I change this value on the LS8 and the
wingrunner and tow plane are gone. I will do some tests to better understand
how it works. The configuration in ai.cfg doesn’t seem necessary, or at least
not mandatory (the LS8 doesn’t have those configurations). Thanks Guys. D.

In addition to the wing runner, also for a launch to work properly you will
need the speeds set - this is definitely the case for aerotow & probably also
needed for winch. flight_model.cfg [REFERENCE SPEEDS] takeoff_speed = AA ;
Knots climb_speed = BB ; Knots cruise_speed = CC ; Knots where takeoff_speed <
climb_speed < cruise speed and example values are in any of the existing
gliders. cruise_speed will have to be above some minimum,