Wish List; Faster Turnaround on Test Model Compiles at MS Store

I wish we could get our models ‘converted’ faster when they are uploaded to
the MS Store. Presently it takes MS 2 to 4 days to convert our planes to the
downloadable test version. It takes me 2 minutes to compile the package to
upload to MS. We can do tons of touchups to the model in hours, or 2 days, for
instance, and if we could get a compiled model setup for our teams to download
inside of a day or 2, it would, I feel, take away a huge bottleneck in the
system. Presently, a model is not accepted till Monday. It takes 2 to 4 days
to get it converted and available to the teams testing their planes on a
encrypted Store test plane. What if we had a turn around time of 2 days
instead of 7? Imagine the tons of work we could get done in 1/3rd the time?
Could MS possibly hire a person or team that just compiles the encrypted test
planes? I wonder what might help it to function faster… Presently, if a
model is uploaded, and it might get compiled in 2 days sometimes 4 days, it
will pass the ‘Go-Nogo’ of if it passes the team checklist. This deadline is
Wednesday or Thursday morning at 9AM. So if that overlaps, then we wait
another week, so from model upload to release sign-off is two weeks. If we
find a small bug, a single little thing that needs updating before release,
that is 2 weeks. Not several hours, not 2 days, but two dang weeks. That is a
powerful bottleneck that is keeping the flow of commerce from happening. 2
Weeks is a very long time. For Christmas, it would be nice to have a faster
turnaround time for models to be compiled for testing and team sign-offs…
Bill Lionheart Creations

Hello Asobo. My apologies for a double post. The system said I didnt post, so
I clicked again. My apologies. Bill