World Hub closed Alpha

The World Hub is a great feature that could enlighten the MSFS community
spirit. I guess the Alpha tester recruitment was successful and I would love
to have any update available ! Thank you.

Hello @vbazillio We have received the list of candidates and are preparing the
platform. No ETA on when you will have access at the moment. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the heads up.

Hello Sylvain, it’s been mentionned during today’s Q&A…; World Hub closed
Alpha… is launched ?

Hello Sylvain, Just curious: has it been started and did we miss out? Or are
you still preparing for launch?

I don’t know what to think of no more news in this project ;( Hope resources
are still available to manage it.

Hello @Pieter @vbazillio It has not started yet. It is still being prepared.
Regards, Sylvain

All the best! Feel to “ask” (from regular user and certainly provider) for
feedback and “help” ! :wink:

Thank you! Good luck with the preparations!

Hi all, would love to have an update on this project :slight_smile:

Auto-reply: Jorg did update during the May Live Dev Q/A:;=3774s
Long story short: we should be patient waiting for legal/compliancy issue for
the World Hub web site using Xbox Live credentials.

Just checking in on the new Discourse to see if there’s any update regarding this topic? :slight_smile:

Reports over at the MSFS forum are indicating a small delay