World map parking positions do not align with scenery

I’ve just updated my Wasserkuppe EDER scenery
( and while testing I
saw, that on the world map, the parking positions do not align with the

Any ideas?

common issue at many default airports as well… In the Sim they allign
perfectly with the satalite image and in the Worldmap they are placed ontop of
the terminal… I think I saw that at least since WU5, maybe even earlier…

I opened a thread in the forums as this then seems to not be a SDK related but
a “overall” bug <

I mean, can’t be 100% accurate and I won’t even bother the devs with this!

We’re not asking for 100% accuracy, but, it would be nice if the parking
spaces showed up within say 15 yards of their actual position. For instance,
right now with my KASH airport, it looks like you’re choosing a spot on a
totally different tarmac at the airport. It’s off by 50 to 100 yards. What’s
the point of including so much detail in the map if it’s off by so far.
Currently, I thought it was better before for choosing a parking spot.

Hello. A dev is looking at this. We’ll let you know if we make any
improvement. Regards, Sylvain