World Update Airport and POI can't be excluded with Marketplace content

Hi there!

Recently WU14 update brought an airport (LHPP) that is also included in our Marketplace official content (Hungary West Pack) and some other POI’s (like Abbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary). There is a conflict both scenery shows up in the sim (WU and ours).
We have created a large exclusionrectangle below them. In editor mode and in community package it works fine. It excludes the WU update. We submitted the new package but the ingested version does not exclude it anmyore. It seems official Marketplace content is below priority of WU.
Is there any way to influence this? How could the user solve it?


You are LHS-
Poi and Airport are Microsoft-, so they will always be after you in the VFS loading order

You can tell the end user to use the package reorder tool in order to give your package a higher priority (should work with Official folder too iirc)

(and microsoft-(gaya) should really start to add exclusion rectangles under their content to avoid such conflicts)


You could have your end-user rename the package and it should order after the microsoft addons. It’s alpha-numeric in loading order with the same priority (-100 in this case).
The ASCII table helps here. “~” is the last of the printable characters, so ‘~my_wonderful-addon’ should order after any ‘microsoft-’ addon in the marketplace, as would 'mjcrosoft-"

The Community folder addons are also alpha-numeric, but have a load order starting at 0, rather than -100

Thank you so much for your answer!
I agree, they should put exclusion rectangles even below the POI objects.

The package reorder tool looks okay.