Wwise and Sound xml bug

So all i did was remove an entry from the sound.xml and synced and all the
sounds stop playing. I am forced to restart the sim. If i try to go back to
the main menu it just hangs on the loading loading screen. This bug i
addressed a while back am surprised it’s still not fixed.

Here is a link to a post where it was noticed an update had caused this new
bug. Also when the sim hangs up from this issue you have to stop the sim from
the task manager.

Hi Flysimware, I didn’t forget your issue about PCK file reloading, I started
investigating it and was waiting for a feedback from our sound designers and
developers. According to them editing the PCK files was never possible. Wwise
is constantly communicating with MFS and reloading the PCK files always was an
issue. Our sound designers are actually doing just as you and restarting the
game after modifying these files. Developers are looking for a way to fix
this. On the other side, editing the xml files was not an issue before because
we were able to do partial package build. But this caused several bugs when
there was dependencies between the files and we disabled partial package
builds. One consequence is that PCK files are now analysed every time an xml
belonging to the package is modified, leading to the issue aforementioned.
This is obviously not ideal and we will improve this in the future. Sorry for
the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Regards, Sylvain

There was a time when the PCK file could be updated while the sim was running
and you could then resync. I know this because i was able to build and learn
the Wwise program in a short weeks time. Now because of the changes the PCK
file can’t be updated while the aircraft is loaded. If you change aircraft
first then you can update the PCK file but then you must not resync or the sim
will hang up and you will have to close it from the task manager. This is my
new work around as restarting the sim takes way too long. This would take
months to create a sound set. Change aircraft and close the project from the
project editor. Update the PCK file or the Sound.xml then load your aircraft
followed by opening the project. This works for now but still way too slow
compared to how i did this in the past. But there is a downside to this
method. If you plan to resync at anytime after using this method the sim will
hang and you must restart. So sound editing is at a snail pace right now and i
hope this does get fixed.