Xbox Addon CTD [Su10]

Hi, We have received multiple users reporting frequent CTD’s on multiple third
part airports, including some of ours, We have investigated in the sim
profiler - but the statistics for the package, when compared to one that
supposedly runs fine on the customer’s Xbox, ours is comparable and in some
ways more performant. The only difference I am able to make out is that some
of the add-ons appear to not have custom CGL orthoimagery, so perhaps this is
the cause of Xbox issues? I wanted to get Asobo dev’s opinion on this, as
aside from that we are clutching at straws as to where the issue could lie,
and as far as I know - we have no method of testing a development build on
Xbox hardware (without releasing it), If there is a known issue - we can
direct this to individuals that are reporting issues, if not any method of
identifying the problem would be greatly appreciated,

Hello @jb-pp , Each CTD on xbox is automatically sent to an issue tracker for
further analysis. I can’t do much but If you send us your project, we can try
to see and tell you if we see anything abnormal. In that case, please see [3)
Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

FYI we’re also getting reports of CTDs on our airports on XBOX. However it’s
impossible to test since we don’t have a unit to test with.

Same here - getting many reports of addons crashing after SU10. It seems that
products are only crashing for Xbox Series X users (don’t seem to be affecting
Series S), and it also seems that only occur close to photogrammetry cities
(to be confirmed by further testing)