[Xbox] iFrame interactions

Due to the limited testing abilities on this, information is limited. We have
submitted an update for //42 Campout. It uses an iFrame to render the in-game
panel UI. It appears that interactions within the iFrame (the entire panel UI)
isn’t possible on Xbox but works as intended on PC. The version we pushed in
the portal (and is available to us internally on Xbox) suffers from this
behavior. To test the behavior we’ve added a red box that can be made visible
by having an ATC ID of 1142. The red box is outside of the iFrame and
allows for proper interactions.

Hello @runshotgun , I’m afraid there are issues with Iframe support on Xbox.
Did you use an Xbox controller to test the PC version? If not, can you make
the test again with a controller please and tell me if you have the same
behavior as for Xbox ? [In addition, we will need your project to be able to
debug this behavior , See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Thank you, Regards, Boris

A simple iFrame in any part of the UI will reproduce the issue on your end.
Everything works well on PC using the Xbox controller pointer.