XBox knobs inputs not working on New Release aircraft

Hello, I have released a new plane in XBox and many people are reporting that
knobs inputs arent working in Xbox. The knobs light up (blue or yellow) but do
not animate via the input, like they are locked. Perhaps there was an update
to XBox or something? The package was compiled under 3 weeks ago and had gone
through testing fine at Microsoft. Just wondering what this could be. I did
not export with the newest Beta version SDK. I am using the existing stock SDK
for exporting to MSFS and MS Store format packages. The package in question is
the aircraft by Lionheart Creations, the LearFan. Bill Lionheart Creations

Hello @lyonhaart001 , Do the other buttons (switch/push/sliders) work
properly? I don’t have access to the package on marketplace, can you send it
to us via a private link please ? [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Hello Boris, Will do.

@Boris , I tried to create a new private post and could not find the padlock
that makes the post secure. Is there another way to get you the link? I can
send it through Teams. Bill Lionheart Creations

@lyonhaart001 To avoid having to answer on two posts that deal with the same
subject, I lock this one and we will continue on your last one: Regards, Boris