Your application to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace Partner Program is under review

I have been seeing the same message in my Microsoft partnership program for almost a year now.
Why is it that Google and Apple can handle millions of developers and applications in their marketplaces?


Only a year? You’re lucky, it’s been 3 for me and not a peep.
If only I’d just started buying cheap models on CGTrader when it launched…


Me too, same timing, money thrown away on Microsoft side
But this is Asobo’s Devsupport,
So they can’t do anything to help us on this matter

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I have been waiting for almost two years but have decided not to send any more reminders because I believe they are useless.

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I‘m sitting in the same boat guys. Almost 2 years now… it’s frustrating, indeed.

Hello to all… we have more than 2 year with the same message. Somebody can review our airports? our video? well please is better smile than cry. Thanks who has the job to review.

I was 64 years old when I applied, the goal was to work till 70, when I would have been doing this for 25 years. However as my application is still pending, I’ve now retired. Although I’m working just as much, if not more, than I was before.
I do think that the Marketplace could have been a lot different if it had been opened up a bit, and I do hope that things improve for those of you who are still waiting.

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I was hoping this was the correct forum to ask about the partner approval process but seeing this thread does not give hope. Does anyone have some tips or some information about the criteria to get approved?

I’ve seen comments from developers who’ve been stuck in the process for a couple of years, but I know at least one who only made one MSFS 2020 airport and was accepted (after a few months I think). Is it simply a matter or someone at Microsoft liking a particular product, based on how they judge the quality?

You’re right.
Moreover, I can state with 100% certainty that the endorsements for this program occur:

  1. Not in the chronological sequence of candidate submissions
  2. Without evaluating the candidate’s actual experience in flight simulator development.

I would love to talk to the team that deals with the approval of candidates for this program, but unfortunately it is impossible to find their contacts, and all requests to the support end with standard responses that they can’t do anything about it.

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