ZULU DAY OF WEEK returns different date

According to the documentation of the environmental variables (Reverse Polish Notation), ZULU DAY OF WEEK is:

This returns the current Zulu Time day of the week as an integer value between 0 and 6 (inclusive), where 0 is Monday and 6 is Sunday.

Today is Wednesday 01/11/2023, so I’d expect that variable to return 2.
Yet what I get is


Note that I’m in the UK and my Windows calendar settings say that the start of the week is Monday and not Sunday. Maybe there are regional differences.

Yes, there are:

So, it seems the variable follows the American standard, while the documentation the European one…have you tried if the variable behavior follows the regional settings in the sim ?

The only one I can find is under MISC > Intl settings > both language and units of measurement are in EN-US and US System.
So in that sense it’d make sense that SimConnect returns 3, as for somebody which starts the week on Sunday the Wednesday would be day 3.

I don’t expect language to affect this (or at least I don’t want to change to a different language, as EN-US is the only English one I got here, I’d rather have in EN-UK but hey ho).

I changed the unit of measurements to hybrid, although again that should have nothing to do with it. I assume any calendar would be read from Windows settings. Zulu day of the week stays in 3.

I’m guessing that the documentation is wrong and should say:

where 0 is Sunday and 6 is Saturday.


Yes, this is an error in the docs and will be fixed in the next SDK update. Thank you for pointing it out!

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