2 marketplace accounts, packagename conflict

We have 2 accounts in the Marketplace, both under one name. I was told that the packagename has to be different from the other account when uploading to MCP. But the problem is that the different company names in the sim wont be able to see the other companys aircraft, example:

Package 1 (containing aircraft from first company)

Package 2 (containing livery from second company)

When both are built for community (my original test becuase I knew it wasnt going to work to begin with) When loading into the sim it sees the aircraft, but not the livery. When I rename the liverys package back to company1 it works…

So my question is: is it possible to have different company names in the beginning a package, but then following same aircraft, livery names and have the second package (livery, company2) work with aircraft (company1) ?

I know weird situation and question, but the start of the package must be different from the two company names. Is it even possible?

Any input appreciated thanks!